We’ve had the enormous privilege of producing What Car’s first ever TV Commercial!

It’s a great ad made by WhoWotWhy and Dark Energy Films. The thirty second spot revisits the idea of ‘Warm Engineering’, which is basically a way of bridging the conceptual gap between engineering and humanity.

Sean Thompson – the ad’s director – introduced this idea in his now legendary spot for Honda, because ‘car advertising was cold and teutonic’ but they ‘believed engineering is an interesting story if told in a human way.’¹

We spent a lot of time going round the houses trying to figure out the right approach for the music. At first, we had a diverse set of references ranging from Chilly Gonzales to Philip Glass.

We simply felt that it needed to feel authentic and rich, in keeping with the quality of the film.

Eventually, we came up with a way of representing the bridge between tech and humanity through music. The result was the What Car electronic orchestra; we constructed it entirely out of electronic instruments, but it has the character and feel of a live performance.

It just goes to show that using a bit of creative willpower and great technicians, you can close the gap between man and machine. Hopefully, with this ad in their arsenal, What Car can now help their customers do likewise.