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GAS is music and sound design. We love music, we are moved by music and we compose music for commercials, television, film, radio, gaming and B2B.

Our aim is to create musical content that combines great composition ideas with the highest production values. Music that is unique and that delivers exactly what the project requires.

We have 3 central values: quality, trust and value for money. We offer up our personalities into the alchemy of our compositions. Music is part of us, it has power, it can be foreboding, it can polarise opinion and it can cast a spell, it can raise an incantation, charm our lives and bookmark our life story. Our wizardry is in the delivery of memorable melodies, songs, soundscapes and scores.

We support our music composition with a pragmatic, practical understanding of the video and editing process which means we can help stream line the supply chain, demo tweeking process – saving time and money and stress.

We listen, we engage and we partner so as to ensure we are working together in a true partnership throughout the creative process.

GAS want to be the industry’s most respected music composers, consistently producing innovative, beautifully crafted and intelligent work while maintaining our distinctive style. Something we will only do if we can consistently deliver and have you on board.

Our clients include BBC, Chief, Dock10, Foundry Film and Manchester agencies Love, Music and The Neighbourhood. We are pleased to have worked on the recent Umbro campaign, the feature film “Wildlands” and providing the soundtrack for Marketing Manchester:

Manchester – The Original Modern City:

Umbro Valentine’s:

Wildlands: feature film:

Here’s our latest project working with BBC Studios Entertainment North, composing the theme music, stings and sound beds for the brand new BBC1 show Even Better Than The Real Thing, which airs 16th September.

You can buy the single and soundtrack here:

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GAS is music and sound design. We compose as consumers, as buyers and users and sometimes we use silence.

Music moves people, defines eras and personalities, sells products and fills the screen.

Find us:

Gas Music Limited, 6th Floor, The Landing,
Media City UK, Salford M50 2ST
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+44 (0)161 686 5575
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UK Home Office: We love coke, go get more...! GAS Music are very happy to have worked on this shockingly fabulous feature length documentary "Wildlands" which shines a bright light on the cocaine industry. We provided a full audio package, cleaning and mixing 56 channels of audio covering the 6 main characters one of which was famously played by Johnny Depp in the Hollywood blockbuster "Blow", the man who introduced America to cocaine George Jung. For the narrative, forget "American Made", "Narcos", "The Infiltrator" and shout back at Channel 4 when they proclaim to viewers: "Watch Gordon Ramsey on cocaine!" This exposes all - where it comes from, for how much, how it gets to where it gets to and crucially why. As for the UK Government, maybe they should have a word with Carlos Toro as he has a better handle on the amounts being shipped. So that when we read in the news of a record annual seizure of 8,000kg we can compare this to the typical load leaving sunny South America of 55,000kg, we can ask: "how does that add up?" The film lasts 1hr 31mins and contains over 1000 pieces of individual audio, 6 characters, the narration of Rusty Young, 28 pieces of original music & score, sound design and foley. Gas Music is at Gas Music. This is the trailer for Wildlands, a companion documentary to the hotly anticipated Ubisoft title Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Coming soon to VOD pla...

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