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is music and sound design.

Music moves people, defines eras and personalities, sells products and fills the screen.

Our aim is to create musical content that combines great composition ideas with the highest production values. Music that is unique and delivers exactly what the project requires.

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Who We Are

  • GAS™ Music

    Music composition, sound design and commercial licensing from our world class GAS™ Station studios, located in the heart of MediaCityUK.

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  • GAS™ Records

    A fiercely independent label beating with the same blood that ran through Manchester’s Factory Records.

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  • GAS™ Engine

    We support our music composition with a pragmatic, practical understanding of video creation, editing, grading and project management.

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Why GAS?

  • Quality

    GAS™ want to be the industry’s most respected music composers, consistently producing innovative, beautifully crafted and intelligent work while maintaining our distinctive style. Something we will only do if we can consistently deliver and have you on board.

  • Value

    We support our music composition with a pragmatic, practical understanding of the video and editing process which means we can help streamline the supply chain, demo tweaking process – saving time and money and stress.

  • Trust

    We listen, we engage and we partner so as to ensure we are working together in a true partnership throughout the creative process.

Having a GAS™ - Podcast

Having a GAS… is the podcast that chats to the great and the good of the creative industries about what makes great music for film, TV &&Advertising.

Latest news

The tracks of the year

Inspired by the great quote: “If art decorates space, then music decorates time”, we’re collating tracks for “this year”. We’ve made a start with the piece in Shots below and look forward to your choices!

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We compose as consumers, as buyers and users and sometimes we use silence.

is music and sound design.